top five – 04.07.08

This is the first in an ongoing series where we divulge our top 5 for the week. Call it a round up of sorts. Highs or lows, we reckon every week of your creative life should easily produce at least 5 memorable moments.

1) Lego – if you’ve forgotten it rediscover it.
2) The rush of the deadline – this week we had a major deadline and a big presentation to follow up. Needless to say it went off well. Bring on the next ‘major deadline’.
3) Milkshakes – this will appear in ‘F/F T/F’s‘ on a regular basis.
4) Evernote – this is our web app of the week bar none.
5) Flickr – at F/F we just love Flickr. While ‘Facebook‘ may well be the online space hosting the most images, Flickr is second to none for it’s look and usability and the sheer quality of it’s content and users.

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