Thinking about how to investigate and observe how clicks vs taps are different

As we sit at the dawn of finger based interaction vs the old mouse method, I’m looking at how to best establish the differences this interactive method causes to the user experience?

One question that initially came up was if using your finger is in some way similar to what users who use a graphics tablet rather than a mouse experience on a standard desktop machine.

One exception being the difference in feedback between smart touch devices and a standard computer OS in that there isn’t really a hover state for the touch device as you are either taped on or not, ie you have clicked or you haven’t.

Note there is semenax india in some cases hover activity as if you move you finger away from say a button before releasing then you don’t actually activate that trigger and you will have seen the hover state. Having experimented with this behavior it is interesting that this isn’t intuitive in the way hover with the mouse pointer is – with our finger we click and release instinctively, we almost don’t expect a hover or intermediate piece of feedback to occur. We just tap around until we find the buttons/trigger so to speak.

Well hope to have more in depth notes to share on this subject over the coming days and weeks.

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