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top five – 05.09.08 (belated)

Sorry for the delay on the top five from last week, but Friday was a work free, blog free day. To make up for it we’d like to share with you our top five typefaces from the last week:

1) Mrs Eaves – love those ligatures
2) ITC Serif Gothic Light – so 70’s
3) Akzidenz Grotesk – swiss school all the way
4) Neutraface family
5) Gotham Bold

art of the poster

Having recently embarked on the design of some promotional posters for the studio (see above), it seemed timely to reflect on the recent rise of popularity is this format. It would be fair to say the poster has never really gone away, from gig posters to general fly postering public spaces are generally adorned with […]

typographers handwriting uncovered

F/F stumbled across this interesting project while checking our google reader feeds this morning. Essentially Cameron Adams, curious about how typographers communicate themselves, decided to ask a number of eminent typographers to send him scans of their handwriting. The results can be seen by clicking here.