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This building is ACE

Took this shot during a photo mission around the Melbourne CBD over the weekend. There are so many great bits of old and forgoten signage and typography on buildings across Melbourne – must find the time to document more of it.

a space to collaborate in

F/F is presently involved in setting up a new collaborative studio space in Melbourne on Chapel St. Previously run as a gallery the space will exist as a collective studio…

Robots For Breakfast

Announcing a great new collective in Melbourne, Australia – Robots For Breakfast are made up from ‘Touch My Pixel’, ‘Renmotion’, ‘Dirty Puppet’ and ‘Something Splendid’. Between them they cover pretty much every aspect of the creative fields from full motion work to print and photography.

They are a young bunch, full of love and great ideas, and F/F are happy to be their friends.

the ‘royals’

Continuing the theme of introducing great people we collaborate with, let us take the chance to introduce theRoyals – a digital collective. Read on…