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sms – keeps instant messaging at bay

We’ve heard plenty of talk this couple of weeks since the launch of the iPhone questioning why there are no instant messaging apps. Well the answer is pretty simple – the telcos make too much money from sms to allow a live message based service run free on mobiles.

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Qik – live mobile video streaming

The public beta of Qik a live mobile video streaming service has gone live today. A direct competitor to kyte and Flixwagon, Qik has taken nice steps with it’s service by adding features specifically for groups and events. The groups features, allow users to select who can upload and view selected clips. Included privacy options are: public groups – anyone can post tor restricted groups – anyone can view, but only select users to post private groups – restricts viewing and uploading to a specified group of users The events options are essentially a temporary group that is associated to a particular event. Last week they announced the iPhone to their list of supported devices. Techcrunch walks you through a nice breakdown of all three services side by side.

iPhone 3G – the story so far

So whats the big deal eh? Here we offer a quick break down of some of the things that have taken place in the last week since the big 3G launch.

it’s so funny how we won’t talk anymore?

Will a combination of next generation browser enabled mobile phones (see iPhone) and the growing popularity of various forms of ‘instant messaging‘ see the death of actually talking on the phone once and for all? Obviously it started with the humble text message – more and more it seems we are too busy to actually [...]