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top five – 08.08.08

1) Chocolate Biscuits – preferably McVities.
2) Bamboo – sustainable and an being used in increasingly interesting forms, see the ‘Bambu’ range from Artek and this great picnin veneer wear from Bambu Home.
3) Orange, Grey and White – classic timeless colour combination.
4) Babushka Dolls – do you remember opening your first one.
5) Sanna Annukka – great Scandinavian, Eastern European influenced designs and illustrations.

top five – 18.07.08

1) Mid-Century Danish/Scandinavian furniture – picked up two great chairs this morning from an import sale
2) 100% Process Colours – spot colours for free, especially 100% magentan or cyan
3) Hot Chocolate – on a wet rainy day can’t beat it
4) Kids – they are the future and such an inspiration/motivation
5) 3am ideas – wake up pitch black and store that great idea for the morning