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Modelfeed Goes Live


F/F have been working very closely with our friends The Royals and new friends the Disciples on the launch of Modelfeed.

top five – 15.08.08

1) Freshly squeezed organic orange juice – best way to start the day.
2) Sharpies – our marker of choice.
3) Old projects / New projects – we presently have a couple of things finishing up and a couple of things starting up to keep us on our creative toes.
4) Infographics – we have recently had some info related projects on the go, which led to a little research and immersion in the subject.
5) Otl Aicher – will there ever be an olympic games identity system as good again.

top five – 08.08.08

1) Chocolate Biscuits – preferably McVities.
2) Bamboo – sustainable and an being used in increasingly interesting forms, see the ‘Bambu’ range from Artek and this great picnin veneer wear from Bambu Home.
3) Orange, Grey and White – classic timeless colour combination.
4) Babushka Dolls – do you remember opening your first one.
5) Sanna Annukka – great Scandinavian, Eastern European influenced designs and illustrations.

1000 chairs – taschen

What can I say we love a well designed chair, and if your much the same then the book, 1000 Chairs, from Taschen is a must have. It’s from their 25th anniversary series and serves as a great resource for all avid chair collectors.