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top five – 01.08.08

1) Organic Veggie Gardens – first crop of spuds went into the raised beds this week
2) HubsTv – new music video player goodness
3) The Apple rumour mill – what will the next product launch be??
4) Homemade chocolate cake – was my son’s 1st birthday celebrations this week.
5) Marcus Walters – great illustration from the UK. Bought my son the ‘My First Alphabet Poster’ over at his Etsy store

MacBook Touch??

MacBook touch, truth or fiction?

Over at MacDailyNews the big rumour of the day is MacBook Touch by October. Yes this is Apple’s secret product, and it’s all but ready to ship at a low price point to flood the market.

iPhone 3G – the story so far

So whats the big deal eh? Here we offer a quick break down of some of the things that have taken place in the last week since the big 3G launch.