the ‘royals’

Continuing the theme of introducing great people we collaborate with, let us take the chance to introduce theRoyals – a digital collective.

Set up very recently by Dave King, founder of NetX’s strategic practice here in Melbourne, this group share the great collective spirit that we here at F/F just love. F/F met theRoyals through our work with Feedcorp, where they have been instrumental in pushing strategy and innovation on a number of recent projects.

They really have some great ideas and while some say nothing is ever really new, we do think these guys are taking the thinking in the digital space that little bit further than most.

We especially like this little line from their new blog which sums up where they are coming from quite nicely – Our guiding principle is “Attention must be earned, it can’t be demanded”.

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    thank you for those kind words, Function/Form. More work together soon!

    posted by Dave King | June 28, 2008 at 11:02 am | permalink

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