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Creative Commons in the White House

Barack Obama’s Presidential transition website lets users share it’s content via a Creative Commons license. Continue reading here
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top five – 05.09.08 (belated)

Sorry for the delay on the top five from last week, but Friday was a work free, blog free day. To make up for it we’d like to share with you our top five typefaces from the last week:

1) Mrs Eaves – love those ligatures
2) ITC Serif Gothic Light – so 70’s
3) Akzidenz Grotesk – swiss school all the way
4) Neutraface family
5) Gotham Bold
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top five – 22.08.08

1) Howies – this great ethical street & sportswear brand are a cut above the rest, impossible to find any in Australia though. I feel a spending spree coming on during a trip to the UK in Sept.
2) Green – it’s probably a spring thing but really enjoying the colour Green.
3) Parcels in the post – always nice to open a parcel first thing in the morning, on this occasion it was some lovely new Patagonia gear.
4) Magic Markers – last week we had new Sharpies, this week new Magic Markers.
5) Nintendo Wii – the Wii sports golf has taken a bit of a going over since it’s arrival, now looking forward to stepping up to the full Tiger Woods version.
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top five – 15.08.08

1) Freshly squeezed organic orange juice – best way to start the day.
2) Sharpies – our marker of choice.
3) Old projects / New projects – we presently have a couple of things finishing up and a couple of things starting up to keep us on our creative toes.
4) Infographics – we have recently had some info related projects on the go, which led to a little research and immersion in the subject.
5) Otl Aicher – will there ever be an olympic games identity system as good again.
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top five – 08.08.08

1) Chocolate Biscuits – preferably McVities.
2) Bamboo – sustainable and an being used in increasingly interesting forms, see the ‘Bambu’ range from Artek and this great picnin veneer wear from Bambu Home.
3) Orange, Grey and White – classic timeless colour combination.
4) Babushka Dolls – do you remember opening your first one.
5) Sanna Annukka – great Scandinavian, Eastern European influenced designs and illustrations.
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top five – 01.08.08

1) Organic Veggie Gardens – first crop of spuds went into the raised beds this week
2) HubsTv – new music video player goodness
3) The Apple rumour mill – what will the next product launch be??
4) Homemade chocolate cake – was my son’s 1st birthday celebrations this week.
5) Marcus Walters – great illustration from the UK. Bought my son the ‘My First Alphabet Poster’ over at his Etsy store
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top five – 25.07.08

1) Sunny winter days – just enough sun to take the chill off.
2) MoFuse – this weeks favourite web service. A great simple solution to getting a mobile version of your site.
3) Open House – last weekend saw Open House come to Melbourne, following it’s success in New York and London
4) Akkurat – great modern sans serif family from lineto.
5) Yo Gabba Gabba – a great new kids show on NickJr. A bit more about the artistic direction here.
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top five – 18.07.08

1) Mid-Century Danish/Scandinavian furniture – picked up two great chairs this morning from an import sale
2) 100% Process Colours – spot colours for free, especially 100% magentan or cyan
3) Hot Chocolate – on a wet rainy day can’t beat it
4) Kids – they are the future and such an inspiration/motivation
5) 3am ideas – wake up pitch black and store that great idea for the morning
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top five – 04.07.08

This is the first in an ongoing series where we divulge our top 5 for the week. Call it a round up of sorts. Highs or lows, we reckon every week of your creative life should easily produce at least 5 memorable moments.