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Words continued…

A quick follow up to the previous post sees the wordly people over at Penguin really getting into the swing of things in the digital space with a whole platter of online offerings to get users engaging with their brand.
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1000 chairs – taschen

What can I say we love a well designed chair, and if your much the same then the book, 1000 Chairs, from Taschen is a must have. It’s from their 25th anniversary series and serves as a great resource for all avid chair collectors.
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radiohead – house of cards

Great motion work for the new Radiohead video. Filmed entirely with lasers rather than cameras – to create some amazing realtime 3D capture work. Here is the amazing interactive version Behind the scenes here.
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clean up the world: think before you print

Clean Up The World, an initiative of Clean Up Australia have discovered that over 80% of all office paper printouts end up in the bin. Disturbed by the statistic they have taken action with this simple downloadable desktop image produced by DDB Sydney. Though a very simple and somewhat ‘old school’ device it makes total […]
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art of the poster

Having recently embarked on the design of some promotional posters for the studio (see above), it seemed timely to reflect on the recent rise of popularity is this format. It would be fair to say the poster has never really gone away, from gig posters to general fly postering public spaces are generally adorned with […]
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desktop apps we like

Twhilr – if you like to Twitter this is the desktop Twitter client. Built with Adobe Air. Pownce – essentially an instant messaging app with better options for sending and sharing larger files + an online presence like a mini blog. Built with Adobe Air Ebay Desktop – a slicker richer experience than the now […]

the ‘royals’

Continuing the theme of introducing great people we collaborate with, let us take the chance to introduce theRoyals – a digital collective. Read on…
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so what have we been up to?

Some of our favourite collaborators. In the past 12 months Function/Form has had the privilege to work on some very interesting projects, but more importantly with some great people. Of these two are worth a belated mention: 1) Nicknack and 2) Feedcorp. 1) Nicknack – F/F worked with this great Adelaide studio on the re-brand […]
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Evernote is a great new web app that has just gone to public beta. It pulls together a suite of online, desktop and mobile apps that allow users to collect and store index searchable content from the web, photos, whiteboard session, business cards etc. Of the great features two stand out: first is the text […]