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A successful approach to Apps

We are in the midst of some heavy riffing on what makes for a good digital app here at F/F, and have noticed that many of our favourite apps fall into what we are calling the 3S formula: Simple + Social = Successful A highlight app on heavy rotation across mobile and tablet at the […]
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iPad – printMag vs eMag observations

So far F/F are mostly impressed with the iPad. It’s what we had expected but were not prepared for the actual feel of the thing. Everyone who has said you need to experience it to understand it is spot on. I think it’s mostly because we are so used to clicking around with a mouse […]
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Need vs Want

It’s fairly excepted that in the debate over the worlds ever widening poverty gap that what an individual’s ‘needs’ is pretty much the same universally – you know shelter, full belly, clean water, security etc. Essentially in monetary terms not very much at all. So what is causes the gap to keep growing. The answer […]
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So. London? – the johnson banks thought for the week

via Could this have gone anymore wrong. What does it tell us about the state of the creative vs client culture we work in when at the final presentation the client asks itself ‘why are we doing this?’. Posted via web from arcd
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via nice simple concept by VW – great way to highlight they are a think outside of the box kind of brand, while producing some great viral activity. After a time, ‘Fun’ can no doubt turn to ‘Novelty’ and we all know ‘Novelty’ easily wears off, but I love the notion of causing changes […]
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City of Melbourne Identity

City of Melbournes new identity system, created by Landor over in Sydney, brings a comprehensive solution to the visual management of a cities activities and output…

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Is Million really a great idea?

via Droga5’s Million mobile phone reward programme for schoolkids may have won a lot of awards but, beyond the hype, how effective will it prove to be in the long-term? The Million project has picked up awards around the world, including top honours at this year’s D&AD. Some in the industry have described it […]
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time to turn the media model on its head


I find from time to time that standing on your head really is the best way to get a new perspective on things. I remember at school when I did my first self portrait that we were advised to look at our drawing upside down as it was easier to spot where the drawing wasn’t working.

Well so it is with the aged old approach to media and advertising strategies. Not only does looking at the things upside down highlight some problems in the present multimedia/digital age – it may also provide the basis for the answer.
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Creative Commons in the White House

Barack Obama’s Presidential transition website lets users share it’s content via a Creative Commons license. Continue reading here
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Words, words, words…

One thing that remains a major difference between traditional media executions and the digital space is the lack of attention paid to the ‘Words’…