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So few posts of late = busy. So here’s a kinda update of sorts…

We have been busy making sure 2009 has some exciting work on the horizon and the effort has been worthwhile but has caused a lack of regular posts – for this we are sorry but just imagine how exciting posts will be in 2009!! In the meantime a little catch up here.
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a wonderful world of election infographics

The Royals posted a great link to the various sources of infographics that ran on election night for the 44th US presidential elections.
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we’re back – and on that note here’s some politics

Finally back into the swing after the end of year jaunt to the other side of the globe. While we have been away election fever in the US has been hotting up, as the world sits on the edge of it’s collective seat waiting to see if American has grown up to be a nation that could elect their first black president.

The creators of site at least give us the all the chance to show how we would vote if we had a say. I’ll let you guess which way the world wants this one to go!!
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GCC 2008 website chosen as Adobe showcase ‘Site Of The Day’

The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), is the world’s largest corporate health initiative, it’s aim is to promote activity within corporations around the globe.

For the 125-day event, employees wear pedometers and measure their daily step count. They then enter those steps into an event-specific website to embark on a virtual journey around the world. Used daily by more than 50,000 participants across three continents, F/F were asked by Flash Group to develop the online direction for the 2008 version of the site which incorporated an integrated Flash and Javascript framework.

We’re very pleased to announce that Adobe have chosen the site as today’s ‘Site Of The Day‘.

A big well done to everyone involved.
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Robots For Breakfast

Announcing a great new collective in Melbourne, Australia – Robots For Breakfast are made up from ‘Touch My Pixel’, ‘Renmotion’, ‘Dirty Puppet’ and ‘Something Splendid’. Between them they cover pretty much every aspect of the creative fields from full motion work to print and photography.

They are a young bunch, full of love and great ideas, and F/F are happy to be their friends.
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Words continued…

A quick follow up to the previous post sees the wordly people over at Penguin really getting into the swing of things in the digital space with a whole platter of online offerings to get users engaging with their brand.
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Words, words, words…

One thing that remains a major difference between traditional media executions and the digital space is the lack of attention paid to the ‘Words’…
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Pioneer Australia goes live

The all new shiny Pioneer Australia site is now live. Function/Form were very lucky to have been invited by Flash Group to lead Art Direction on this project. The digital team over at Flash have done an awesome job delivering this new site, well done all involved.
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Interesting new javascript web application that produces a typographic layout from the tags on your blog. Only downside is that is has a handful of free fonts to play with, but none the less a fun little graphics project.
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MacBook Touch??

MacBook touch, truth or fiction?

Over at MacDailyNews the big rumour of the day is MacBook Touch by October. Yes this is Apple’s secret product, and it’s all but ready to ship at a low price point to flood the market.