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A successful approach to Apps

We are in the midst of some heavy riffing on what makes for a good digital app here at F/F, and have noticed that many of our favourite apps fall into what we are calling the 3S formula: Simple + Social = Successful A highlight app on heavy rotation across mobile and tablet at the […]
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Thinking about how to investigate and observe how clicks vs taps are different

As we sit at the dawn of finger based interaction vs the old mouse method, I’m looking at how to best establish the differences this interactive method causes to the user experience? Read more here
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iPad – printMag vs eMag observations

So far F/F are mostly impressed with the iPad. It’s what we had expected but were not prepared for the actual feel of the thing. Everyone who has said you need to experience it to understand it is spot on. I think it’s mostly because we are so used to clicking around with a mouse […]
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The future of magazines?

via Creative review articulate some of the views on tablets and the future of magazines we’ve been discussing at Function/Form since the arrival of the iPhone and the future of tablet/touch devices.