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via Interesting project by Steve a Plan-B Studio. To celebrate 10 years in business he is going to donate 10 days a month to a different Non-Profit/NGO organisation each month. He’s offering to do anything from give up his creative expertise to working in the soup kitchen – will be following this one to […]
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So. London? – the johnson banks thought for the week

via Could this have gone anymore wrong. What does it tell us about the state of the creative vs client culture we work in when at the final presentation the client asks itself ‘why are we doing this?’. Posted via web from arcd
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Lubalin Now

via Lubalin Now will be a new exhibit in the re-located Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. Would love to check that out… Posted via web from arcd
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None Of The Above V3 – Function/Form vs Montgomery Monty Brewster – Create Democracy

via Check out the event brought to you by the team at SUMO. We been invited to include our ‘Brewster’s Millions’ inspired submissions to the exhibition book. Posted via web from arcd
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via Great new initiative to raise awareness to the issues of FAKE design within the product design industry. We are all very aware of this issue when it comes to knock off handbags and sports goods, but think less about it when it comes to ‘reproductions’ of well known products like say an Eames […]
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City of Melbourne Identity

City of Melbournes new identity system, created by Landor over in Sydney, brings a comprehensive solution to the visual management of a cities activities and output…

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via the one and only Andy Bobbin goes live with his excellent bobbindrawthis illustration blog – “more tea Ern?” Posted via web from tony’s posterous
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Is Million really a great idea?

via Droga5’s Million mobile phone reward programme for schoolkids may have won a lot of awards but, beyond the hype, how effective will it prove to be in the long-term? The Million project has picked up awards around the world, including top honours at this year’s D&AD. Some in the industry have described it […]
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Creative Review Subscriber packaging

via Start of a new series of experimental packaging solutions for Creative Review subscribers – will have to wait and see if the overseas subscribers get this as well – F/F hope so. Posted via web from tony’s posterous
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1940’s Vogue cover

via Human typography on old Vogue Cover, from the 1940’s. Posted via web from tony’s posterous