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time to turn the media model on its head


I find from time to time that standing on your head really is the best way to get a new perspective on things. I remember at school when I did my first self portrait that we were advised to look at our drawing upside down as it was easier to spot where the drawing wasn’t working.

Well so it is with the aged old approach to media and advertising strategies. Not only does looking at the things upside down highlight some problems in the present multimedia/digital age – it may also provide the basis for the answer.
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Laughing all the way to the Banksy

Woman from St Kilda, Melbourne wins big with her Banksy canvas she picked up 6 years ago for £500.
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Words, words, words…

One thing that remains a major difference between traditional media executions and the digital space is the lack of attention paid to the ‘Words’…
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1000 chairs – taschen

What can I say we love a well designed chair, and if your much the same then the book, 1000 Chairs, from Taschen is a must have. It’s from their 25th anniversary series and serves as a great resource for all avid chair collectors.
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typographers handwriting uncovered

F/F stumbled across this interesting project while checking our google reader feeds this morning. Essentially Cameron Adams, curious about how typographers communicate themselves, decided to ask a number of eminent typographers to send him scans of their handwriting. The results can be seen by clicking here.