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Function/Form promotional poster
Having recently embarked on the design of some promotional posters for the studio (see above), it seemed timely to reflect on the recent rise of popularity is this format.

It would be fair to say the poster has never really gone away, from gig posters to general fly postering public spaces are generally adorned with this visual medium. But over the last couple of years the poster has really hit back hard amongst the design community itself. For many posters have become the affordable art form of the day – limited runs, high print values, metallic inks, exclusive designs by rock star artist/designers what more could we want.

And so it is that the popularity of designing posters has seen a resurgence. Every other design graduate these days has a handful of witty, satirical, well crafted posters in their folio. There are galleries and websites dedicated to new and classic designs alike. And we are now seeing re-issues of rare and hard to find typographic masterpieces like Wim Crouwel’s – Vormgevers design from 1968.

At F/F we like this a lot, as avid collectors of all things art and design we have a veritable collection of our own favourite poster pieces.

In the meantime for fans of typographic/design posters there are some great collections to see at Flickr:
Swiss Sports posters
Gig/club posters by Pinch
Experimental Jet Set
Olt Aicher classics and more at Blanka

Please post your favourite poster related links to us below…

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