Function/Form was started in 2007 by Tony Cormack as a collaborative design practice. Essentially it is the collective umbrella under which a number of individual practitioners work together.

F/F brings together a wealth of creative experience from all corners of the world, in all areas of design and visual communication. Our collaborative approach allows for greater agility in tackling projects of all types – from creating a brand, re-designing a magazine, promoting an event, launching a website or just giving practical advice. The energy of each individual and their unique vision is what sets the collective apart – we really do have strength through numbers.

Into our third year and the drive to collaborate has seen us open a collaborative work space – Studio 2. In partnership with The Royals and CodeCreate, the space operates as a shared studio and physical hub to a cross section of independent creative practitioners.

We are a small and unconventional design practice with a wealth of experience, but more importantly we have a large heart – we believe no job is too little for a big idea…


The Royals