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It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

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1000 chairs – taschen

What can I say we love a well designed chair, and if your much the same then the book, 1000 Chairs, from Taschen is a must have. It’s from their 25th anniversary series and serves as a great resource for all avid chair collectors.
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Interesting new javascript web application that produces a typographic layout from the tags on your blog. Only downside is that is has a handful of free fonts to play with, but none the less a fun little graphics project.
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top five – 25.07.08

1) Sunny winter days – just enough sun to take the chill off.
2) MoFuse – this weeks favourite web service. A great simple solution to getting a mobile version of your site.
3) Open House – last weekend saw Open House come to Melbourne, following it’s success in New York and London
4) Akkurat – great modern sans serif family from lineto.
5) Yo Gabba Gabba – a great new kids show on NickJr. A bit more about the artistic direction here.
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MacBook Touch??

MacBook touch, truth or fiction?

Over at MacDailyNews the big rumour of the day is MacBook Touch by October. Yes this is Apple’s secret product, and it’s all but ready to ship at a low price point to flood the market.
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Function/Form goes mobile

We have set up a basic mobile version of the blog – using MoFuse. It’s a free mobile site generator and is very easy to sign up to and set up. If you are running blog or similar with feeds these can be directed straight to you mobile version. You can also easily create your own pages and play with basic styling etc.
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sms – keeps instant messaging at bay

We’ve heard plenty of talk this couple of weeks since the launch of the iPhone questioning why there are no instant messaging apps. Well the answer is pretty simple – the telcos make too much money from sms to allow a live message based service run free on mobiles.

Read more here
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Qik – live mobile video streaming

The public beta of Qik a live mobile video streaming service has gone live today. A direct competitor to kyte and Flixwagon, Qik has taken nice steps with it’s service by adding features specifically for groups and events. The groups features, allow users to select who can upload and view selected clips. Included privacy options are: public groups – anyone can post tor restricted groups – anyone can view, but only select users to post private groups – restricts viewing and uploading to a specified group of users The events options are essentially a temporary group that is associated to a particular event. Last week they announced the iPhone to their list of supported devices. Techcrunch walks you through a nice breakdown of all three services side by side.

ycn live

The Young Creative Network is launching a global show and tell initiative for emerging designers, studios and the like – info here Stayed tuned for some Function/Form activity.
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App Store and beyond – NextWeb™?

Now that iPhone 3G has launched find out what F/F think about the future of mobile web – ‘NextWeb’ Read more.
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iPhone 3G – the story so far

So whats the big deal eh? Here we offer a quick break down of some of the things that have taken place in the last week since the big 3G launch.


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